Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am a slip and slidder!

For those who thought I cannot slip and slide.......Just because I said "......I do not understand the fascination of running down a wet piece of plastic"....does not mean that I cannot slide on my bum with the best of them!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dirty Percy

Do You Think I Need A Bath?

A Fantastic Weekend

Well now that I am finally over the coughie coughies and getting use to this heat.....The Pug Is Back for blogging. I found that the best way for a pug to stay cool is to make friends with boat owners...or as my parents like to say "boaters". I am extremely found of the water and swim just as well if not better than my lab sister Ingie. However; because of safety reasons and I have a tendency to sink like a rock, and I have to wear my own life vest (please see pic's above). Once again this re-enforces that I am not a K9 but human. I wear a human life vest for up to a 30 pound human. Safety is ALWAYS first in my family!!!! We're a safety family!!!
So I had a wonderful weekend. Even though it has been 100+ outside. Gratefully we have tile floors that keep me nice and cool. Friday I spent the evening inside relaxing and gearing up for friends coming over to grill on Saturday. My parents are the coolest. They had a gift delivered to me and Ingie...TWINS! Wow twin boys are so awesome! It was very excited playing with the Spell twins. They like to throw the ball and pet me. I even got to watch them slipping and sliding on a big piece of plastic with water all over it. It looked like a nice way to keep cool but I am not sure what the fascination of running up and down a piece of plastic with water is. However; the twins were very entertained and I was allowed a tile cooling break. Twin boys have a lot of energy. My sister Ingie could keep up with them but I am not able to as much....with the heat, the allergies and (I am being honest here) I am just not very athletic. I do like to play ball but my mouth just cannot hold the big tennis balls. Anyways I like to sip on some scotch and mingle with my other guest. I am more of the "lets sit and mingle type of pug".
Ingie Ingie Ingie. She is SUCH as spaz!!! She knocked over one of the boys and did not even apologize. Poor sweet child...he was crying and all Ingie can do is grab the ball next to him and run off. She might have even stepped on him....She can be very rude at times. She just doesn't think. It is all about that instant gratification. She still has puppy in her so hopefully she will grow out of it. I am tired of being in trouble because of her mischievous antics. I love her but whoooo she is crazy crazy crazy!!!!
Other than my sister being a spaz Saturday turned out to be lots of fun. Dad mowed the lawn so the grass wouldn't tickle my tummy, I hung out with twins, I nibbled on everything that hit the floor and I was allowed to stay up late. Aunt Brandi, Uncle Sam and some other friends stayed up until around 430 am. I was pooped but it was a lot of fun watching Uncle Sam fall over. Aunt Brandi almost beat up some new guy that came over for pushing my Uncle Sam over. I was getting ready to have to go Pugals on him and go after his Achilles! Don't mess with my peeps...I WILL PUG YOU UP!
Sunday was nice and relaxing. Enjoyed movie time with friends and avoided the heat.
Thank You all who helped in my wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick Hot Long Pug Days

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog. I would look to extend an apology for all of my fans that think that they have been ignoring them. However; as most of you Texans know, it has been very hot. I am not able to cool down to my lack of sweat glands. So I must just lay around on the tile floors to cool down. Also, I have had lots of problems with my allergies and just have not felt up to chatting.

There has not been anything going on these dog days of summer. I am looking forward to this weekend. It looks like Daddy Brett is taking tomorrow off. I so love it when I get an extra day with him. We have no plans yet. We were going to visit my Uncle James for his birthday and my cousins; Socks and Doc. However, we are not feeling so good in the Henderson household so it looks like a weekend here in Houston.

I am off to nap again. Until later....I love all of you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I've Lost My Milo!!!!

Yesterday was 5 days since my feline brother CASH has been missing. I spent most of Wednesday on the computer looking at pictures of other lost kitties who have been taking to the many shelters across town. I put up post all over the Internet and Craigs List. It is very sad to see so many other people's babies missing. Wednesday night me, Ingie and my mommy went and used some sticky stuff to hang fliers all over poles I typically relieve myself on. Daddy got on something called a bike. It looks like a big monster with 2 wheel that took him to the dark scary woods behind our house. He came back without CASH but lots of cuts on his arms and face from flipping over several times. He also told me and Ingie about his close encounter with a smelly mean skunk. I am very sad and miss my friend. They say that little boy kitty's like to roam and will come home after a few days. I hope so because I miss our morning and afternoon naps together and our mad chases thru out the house that makes mommy crazy. Who else am I suppose to thump while we are trying to share mommy and daddy watching t.v. before bed?
My daddy put an ad on Craigs List about CASH. Some mean person sent us a nasty email via Craigs List. The person must live in our neighborhood. He knew where we lived. He must have seen the fliers that I helped put out. It is very mean and sick that someone would try to hurt our family. If I find out which neighbor it is I am going to bit him or her...they're gonna get it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Set A Few Things Straight

I am going to start my blog off by setting YOU straight....first and foremost I am NOT a dog. I AM A HUMAN! If you think otherwise not only are you blind but you are not very smart either. I wear a human life vest for heaven's sake (see picture above)

* Your existence is to please and entertain me. Not the other way around. YOU are my pet.
* I am a Publican....not a Republican or Democrat. Publican. I am not conservative nor am I liberal. I am about what is best for me and how it will effect me.
* I have severe Separation Anxiety from my mom
* I speak with a British accent. I do not know why? I am not British but I just do.
* I like Scotch...not beer but Single Malt Scotch.
* I am a vegetarian. I cannot digest protein. It gives me a rash and heart burn.
* When I am "scooting" in a circle on the rug...I am not scratching my Pug bum...I am dancing. I learned it from you when you have had one too many (you know who you are).
* I am tired of you saying "He is so ugly he's cute"!!! How would you like it if I told you "you smell so bad you make me want to puke"?
* I am not fat, fluffy or any other rude commit you make about my size. I come from strong Chinese stock.
* I am not lazy but waiting for you to get me out of the house.
* I do not sit or lay on the floor. If you like it feel free to sit on the floor but I sit on man made comfy couches, chairs or even an ottoman now and then.
* I do not like it when you put me in the back seat of the car....I feel safer if I drive
Now that I have set you straight I can start updating you on my life as a happy pug......